Jeffrey HalsteadThe Halstead Group, LLC was established in July, 2014 by Jeff Halstead, (then) Chief of Police in Fort Worth, Texas. Chief Halstead was the first major city Chief of Police to advance the “body-worn” camera technology into a major police agency after a lengthy trial program in 2010. Chief Halstead experienced some of the most challenging police headlines in his first year as Chief of Police in Fort Worth and quickly discovered that “if we had video” of exactly what happened on all sides of these issues, it would greatly reduce and possibly eliminate the stress within the police department and most importantly, the strained relationships within the Community.

By working closely with the Fort Worth Police Officer’s Association (Union), they drafted an excellent policy that was supported by the police officers wearing these paradigm-shifting cameras. Of course there were so many other areas where Chief Halstead exhausted himself such as gaining political support to purchase such trending technology, gaining community buy-in from areas where the Police were not trusted, financing this technology, especially “data storage” for the long-term, convincing an internal I.T. Department that using “Evidence.com” (Cloud storage) was the only way to safely secure the digital videos, etc. After years of hard work, this technology began to change the policing culture and communities were demanding their agencies to follow suit.

Chief Halstead agreed to help any Chief that wanted to implement this technology and in the large purchasing contract with Taser International, he secured 400 more cameras at no cost to the City if he agreed to speak at various police conferences in the coming months. The City Manager agreed and the City Council unanimously approved this contract acting as the Crime Control and Prevention District Board (CCPD). Chief Halstead’s presentations were so greatly received and the demand for other speaking engagements started to pile up in his office so, he created his own police consulting firm called “The Halstead Group, LLC”.

Founded in Texas and also registered as an LLC in Nevada for other projects, Chief Halstead retired as Chief of Police from the Fort Worth Police Department on January 9th, 2015. In late February of this same year, he was hired as a Consultant with TASER International, focusing on increasing the branding and acceptance of AXON body-worn cameras and Evidence.com ‘Cloud’ storage solutions. Also in February, Chief Halstead was a peer expert and testified at the White House for President Obama’s “21st Century Community Policing” Task Force, sharing his knowledge, policy experience, and technology implementation advice for the Department of Justice.

Today, Chief Halstead has shared his experience in over 30 states in America, and has presented his knowledge in Canada, Poland, Abu Dhabi, London, Manchester U.K., and Paris, France.

Most importantly, in late 2015 after watching the police profession remain under attack both in the media as well as officers being targeted, shot, and some even killed, Chief Halstead founded a National Nonprofit supporting every police officer in America called “HOPE4BLUE”.

The goal of HOPE4BLUE is simple: B.L.U.E.: Backing Law enforcement Unites Everyone. All of us in America need to support the great men & women serving in our communities! We cannot even imaging what our cities would look like if our police officers did not have our support…and if we did not give them HOPE. The Halstead Group, LLC is the operations manager for the nonprofit and handles all of the business decisions so the 5-member Board of Directors can focus on supporting the Police Profession.