Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement ConsultingWe provide many services to police agencies, police unions, Police Chiefs, as well as City Managers. We have testified as an expert witness related to police misconduct, police liability, and police use of force. We can help City Managers defend cases where actions of their police officers are being litigated. We can also contract with City Managers and provide insight and global experience on technology trends facing police agencies today, and in the future. Lastly, THG has proven crime suppression strategies and service-based expertise to assist the City Manager set new goals by working closely with their police department’s leaders and community leaders.

We can support new and veteran Police Chiefs address the myriad of challenges facing their agencies. From implementing new technology, to addressing a creative disciplinary system, or even working collectively in a new meet & confer labor agreement, The Halstead Group, LLC has decades of experience in these areas. We also contract with other retired/active Chiefs and police leaders to support our mission and serve our client. Our focus is and always will be the Client and their success!

Lastly, we can also work collectively with police labor associations/Unions so the needs and rights of police officers are addressed in current and future labor agreements. Chief Halstead has intimate knowledge and experience in this area through 4 ranks of the police profession, in 2 major Cities, Phoenix, Arizona and Fort Worth, Texas.