Corporate SecurityThe Halstead Group, LLC works closely with today’s CEO’s and business leaders to discuss security of the facility, workplace violence training, and active shooter scenario-based training. We contract with proven leaders in this area to better serve today’s threats and keep our workplaces safe and secure. We can also provide an independent data and technology security assessment by subcontracting with advancing leaders in technology threat assessment and data security.

We also are one of the few consulting services that specialize in Technical Surveillance Counter Measure Equipment (Bug Sweeps). Technical Surveillance Counter Measure sweeps offer the client the ability to protect itself from the unwanted observations of sensitive documents, conversations and data. TSCM planning is consistent with security philosophies already put in place by most corporate security departments to protect sensitive data and communications. The tools and skills offered during a TSCM sweep carry this philosophy to the next level and give the client piece of mind that their environment is secure. Evidence of surveillance against organizations or individuals is often suppressed to avoid publicity. Most organizations are unaware that criminal surveillance has had an effect on the success and mission of the organization. I have listed a few examples of why counter surveillance would be valuable;

  • Labor union disputes and negotiating strategies
  • Internal Employees spying
  • VIP Protection
  • Protection of Government Leaders
  • Protecting Investigation details from Organized Crime
  • Ensuring privacy during personal negotiations

The execution of the TSCM mission is twofold. Extensive knowledge and highly specialized equipment are both necessary to effectively implement a reliable TSCM operation. These technicians have 60 years combined law enforcement experience with a significant portion being focused on covert operations and investigations. Thoroughness and attention to detail are the focus of all investigations in order to provide the client with accurate and factual information.