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Services offered by The Halstead Group


• Facility security assessments

o Exterior & threat assessment
o Interior threat assessment (covert search and de-confliction)
o Access for threats
o Intelligence assessment and target-hardening report (covert access)
o Information Technology services and security assessment/recommendations of sub-contractors
o Federal security profile enhancements
o Vehicular access/recommendations
o Employee threat assessment and profile review/report

• Crisis communications

o Full messaging services (all media)
o Social media programmatic growth potential
o Internal messaging relative to organizational goals
o External communications to assist with crisis management

PERSONAL (Fully Confidential)

• Conduct profile review (are they a threat?)
• What level of a threat are they to criminals? Their families?
• Internet security assessment
• IT search for threat removal (sub-contractor/federal agent)
• Security improvements in public - residential assessments included
• Self-defense instruction (sub-contractor, 10th degree DAN)
• Vehicle defense strategies (in person)
• CHL licensing (sub-contractor, 28 year PD)
• Firearms training


• Full assessment and report of current vulnerability
• Detailed review of improving residential security
• Accessibility features
• Alarm review (cameras, sensors, monitoring company)
• Lighting improvements
• External assessment with clients (to include drills)

INTERIOR DESIGN (Don’t let just anybody into your home or office)

• Full service interior design consultation
• Model home design and installation experience
• Color consultation
• Home staging services for resale
• Residential, corporate, commercial design consultation
• Holiday residential and corporate design/implementation services


• Labor/Management expert

o Grievance resolution
o Contract negotiation
o Discipline administration
o Employee relations

• Police administration expert witness

o Court testimony
o Liability reduction
o Policy review/recommendation

• On-officer camera programs

o Nation's leader (600+ cameras)
o Policy development
o Gaining officer "buy-in"
o Union support
o Evidence storage/security

• Staff development/training

o Leadership
o Employee development
o Community relations
o Strategic plan development

• Crisis Communications

o Media relations
o Internal communication
o Social media development (sub-contractors)
o National and global strategies from experience (26 years)